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We are Class ACT Music, vocal artists from northern Utah who love sharing powerful renditions of timeless pop songs, beloved Broadway tunes, and meaningful Christian hymns and music with anyone and everyone!"Have voice, will sing," as Tim likes to say.  Amy Alvord and Timothy Isom share your favorite vocal music with power, emotion, and style, as Christine Monson plays and arranges straight from her heart on the piano. 

Click here to go to our Youtube channel Class ACT Music.  Please subscribe! :)  As a special treat, click here to listen to our video as part of the 2020 Davis Arts Council Summer Concert series, featuring favorite Broadway and pop tunes.  

Click to the right above on our music player to listen to a selection of full tracks and clips from our CD, Opening Act:  Our Favorite Songs!.  Or click here to go to our Music Page.  You'll love these favorite songs from Billy Joel, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Frank Sinatra, and many other beloved songs old and new! See if your favorite is there! 

Click here to order our CD, Opening Act:  Our Favorite Songs, and come on a wonderful journey with us as we share songs most meaningful to us and to many of our listeners!  To download the digital album or individual tracks from CDBaby, click here. We appreciate your support as we work to share this music with you and many others, powerfully and widely!








Order our CD "Opening Act: Our Favorite Songs"

To contact us about coming to perform a program of beloved and inspirational Broadway, pop, and sacred songs, click here to send us a message!  We'll be contacting you shortly about coming to share some song and fun with you! 


To order our CD, "Opening Act: Our Favorite Songs," click here!  

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